22 August 2010

This Is The Reason Why Indonesia Can Not Stand Against Malaysia

No wish to cause controversy between Malaysia and Indonesia .. I just want to express my opinion about the relations between Malaysia and Indonesia. Hopefully the relationship between this country as there can be peace again.

There are interesting analysis of military observers, University of Indonesia, Andy Wijayanto, about the possibility of open war between Indonesia and Malaysia in the conflict area Ambalat Block waters. When Jakarta declared open war with our neighbors, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono should take into account the state alliance that will support these neighbor countries in the confrontation.

Andy revealed, Malaysia has a system of defensive alliance with England, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. The alliance called the Five Power Defense Agreement (FPDA). One of the FPDA countries agreement is a clause that an attack on one member state is also an attack against another member state.

"Malaysia's stay request clause is activated. If agreed, it means our country must be prepared to fight also with the UK, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand which have a fighting force far more powerful and sophisticated," he explained after a discussion of the draft Defence and Security.

From the official website of the British High Commission, Kuala Lumpur, it is known that the FPDA was established in 1971 as a consulting agency and the anticipation of an attack on Singapore and Malaysia. When 30-year commemoration FPDA in November 2001, the five member states agreed to establish a long-term cooperation. One of them, agreements to support each other if any of its member countries that attacked another country. This year, the FPDA to focus his review on maritime security. With that focus, the possibility of four other countries to support Malaysia in the confrontation with Indonesia to be bigger.

It's not all. If our country is fighting Britain, the country most likely to request the article in five NATO (North Atlantic) enabled. Articles corresponding to the five FPDA NATO contract clause, which effectively said that the attack suffered by a Member State is considered offensive to other Member States and must face together. Therefore one could extend the meeting with Malaysia and Indonesia has to deal with NATO members.

"So, the effect will be successive. That is what must be considered carefully by the President before the declaration of confrontation with Malaysia. People must understand this is not so dark eyes urging war with Malaysia," said Andy.

0ther than that I take the comparison between the forces of Malaysia and Indonesia


Military neighbor called the Royal army. At the beginning of its formation, the UK-made equipment widely used military country. Now they are using equipment from a number of countries, including Indonesia-made aircraft.

1. Warship

- A vessel equipped with cannons 20 mm diver
- Two fast ships transport team
- Four ships made
patrol France com-rudal Exocet MM38 and Bofors guns
- 24 war ships stationed in four locations: Lumut, Sanur, Kuantan and Labuan. KD Karambit around Ambalat  is one at any time based in Sandakan, Sabah.
- Two South Korean-made ships patrol equipped Creusot Loire 100 mm cannon, 30 mm Emerlac, and shield
anti thickness diving. The ship is based in Kuantan
- Four aircraft are equipped rudal Swedia made Exocet MM38, 57 mm Bofors and 40 mm Bofors based.
- Four ships Frigate, two of which purchased the former Kingdom of Great Britain from the Navy.
- Six German-made ship Corvette - Four ships made mine patrol repellent Italy
- Two ships Multi Purpose Command and Support Ship made in Germany and South Korea
- The Sealift ships
- Two ships Hydro

2. Combat Aircraft

- F-5 E - Hawk MK108 based in Alor Setar, Kuantan, Labuan and
- Hawk MK-208, based in Alor Setar, Kuantan, Labuan and
- Eight F/A-18D based in Alor Setar
- Mig-29 based in Kuantan
- SU-30 based in Kuantan
- F-28 based in Kuala Lumpur
- Falcon, based in Kuala Lumpur - Beech 200T based in Kuala Lumpur
- C-130H, based in Kuala Lumpur
- CN-235 based in Kuala Lumpur
- S61A-4 based in Kuala Lumpur, Kuching and Labuan
- AS61N-one based in Kuala Lumpur
- S70A-34 personnel based in Kuala Lumpur

3. The number of armed soldiers of all: 196 042 (2002)
- Budget
military per year: USD, 69 trillion (2.03 percent of GDP)


Embargo on the purchase of military equipment from the U.S. to build military equipment to fall out of Indonesia. Newest fighter plane, Sukhoi SU-27 SK and SU-30 MK Russian-made, one still missing had no weapons. As of 12 combat aircraft "mainstay", the F-16, two of whom had fallen and only eight are ready to fly.

1. Aircraft and Heli

- Eight Hawk MK 109 based in Pekanbaru, Pontianak
- 32 Hawk MK 209 based in Pekanbaru, Pontianak
- Six CN235 based at Halim
- Eight F27-400m based at Halim
- SF260MS/WS based at Halim
- B707-3MIC
- Seven-400m F27 aircraft
- F28-1000/3000
- L100-30
- C-130H-30 based at Halim
- NAS332L1
- L100-30
- EC 120B
- 12 units Heli Bell 47G-3B-1 based at kalijati
- Five F-16a based in Madison
- Five F-16B based in Madison
- F-5E based in Madison
- F-5F based in Madison
- Based in Madison Hawk Mk53
- Two Su-27SK based in Makassar
- Two Su-30MK based in Makassar
- NC212M-100/200 based in Malang
- Ce 401A based in Malang
- Ce 402A based in Malang
- 10 Bronco OV-10F aircraft in Malang Warship
- 114 fleet of various types (third for routine operations, a third for training, and the remainder for maintenance) Personnel

2. The number of soldiers (all forces): 250 thousand people
The military budget per year: U.S. $ 1 trillion (1.3 percent of GDP)

Here are some reasons that underlie this nation can not be firmly what else declared war against Malaysia ..


  1. walaupun begitu Indonesia tetaplah Indonesia,,dengan memagang teguh rasa persaudaraan,,, tidak lah hal yg baik untuk menyatakan perang,, Indonesia Jaya.

  2. peace no war:) lebih2 lagi di bulan ramadhan nih

  3. wah... aku tak tau plak yang pasal FPDA tuh.

  4. negara berjiran, buat apa nak gaduh2..
    natin org lain yang suka lebey,,,

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  5. Tak kisah kalu nak marah kat malaysia, tapi jgn le over sampai taruh taik kat bendera kita..kat bendera israel dengan amerika taknak pulak buat...


  6. salam... hye.. im Malaysian...
    so sad about this thing happen right now... lets just be friend.. for me ai really dont like war/fight.. its not good for the both side right..
    ai think many Malaysian feel the same thing.

    peace no war..

    me also 1st tym dgr pasal FPDA ni.. x penah tau pun sebelum ni..

    btw..nice to know u..

  7. thnksz..,4 u're nice 0p'nion

  8. janganlah kau usik kami lgi...indonesia adalah negara yg damai...yg slalu memegang teguh rasa persaudaraan...indonesia jaya...

  9. Indonesia merupakan negara yang damai. orang Indonesia akan marah jika diusik dan diganggu. orang Indonesia memiliki rasa persatuan yang kuat dari Sumatera sampai Papua., semua orang Indonesia akan bersatu untuk memerangi negara-negara yang mengganggu Indonesia..,

  10. Ah, nak kira marah dia...marah kita dia tak nak kira??

    Came on la...be matured man...get a life..

    Entri Terbaru dalam Geng Ayam Penyet buat hal lagi!! 

  11. totally agree wif ashraq salahuddin :)

  12. yang buat marah Indonesia duluan siapa??

    kan malay yg buat gaduh pertama....

  13. serang la, yg rugi berjuta rakyat indonesia yg keje kat mesia tu....

    setuju gak dgn asraf, che det dh bg greenlite nak serang balik tu, che det kata serang cara bertamadun,...

    perang eh, yg miskin bertambah miskin la....

    klu marah pun takkn najis gunanya...pengotor bangat....

    respect others to be respect....

  14. dear aima..

    @ttack using the st0ol isn't how society developed c0untrie$..

  15. so sad!!


  16. Btw..


  17. hepi independence day to all Malaysian :)im proud to be Malaysian.. ngre kite dptkn kmrdekaan tnpa mgunakn sbrg snjte mcm ngre len..so,kite kne berbgga.. coz ni mbuktikn ngre kite sbuah ngre kcil yg aman dmai. td tyme smbut hari kmrdekaan kt Stadium Putra,Bukit Jalil,rase bgge sgt..sume org x hnti2 kibarkn Jalur Gemilang,n bsmgt mnyanyikn lgu ptriotik.smge smgt ptriotik ni akn trus mekar di hati kalangn gnerasi muda.. insyaALLAH.. amin.

  18. pada pendapat aku diorang nie dibayar oleh mane2 pihak utk buat rusuhan...dan aku rase diorg nie jgk org yg dah kene hantar balik oleh pihak Malaysia sebab datang tampa izin....dan pada pndapat aku..kite saling memerlukan antara satu sama lain.sbb...aku tahu yang org malaysia dah taknk dah buat kerje2 berat mcm diorg buat..maksud aku pekerje buruh lah..

  19. Ya lah kau menang 154 APC bartering to Proton for Taxi lihat disini (Anoa APC license) kerena kalau awek ane embargo taksi2 proton tak akanlah jalanlah. :)
    CN235 batering to with proton benarlah kalianlah yang menang, karena ane buat jakarta macet tak jalan dan uang ane habis untuk subsidi bensin taxi dan beli komponen OEM produk kau punya selain itu awek jadi korban jalanan macet karena taksi2 pada rusak di jalan.
    Dah gitu anak2 awek tak boleh lihat Upin Ipin; nanti bini2 indon tak bisa layani suaminya, karena harus jaga anak2 agar tak pada menangis.
    Suami2 indon pada marah dan terjadilah percerain masal di Indonesia.

    Kau sombong sekali baru punya FPDA kita punya FPI tidak sombong. NATO tak apalah awek juga anggota NATO (No Act Talk Only). :)
    Awek tak yakin kan ada perang tapi kalian aturlah bener kalian punya nelayan/penebang hutan dan tentera untuk tak masuk daerah orang atau daerah Status Quo/sengketa.
    Lagi pula tak enaklah awak kalau perang kerena Tifatul kan melarang orang indon tuk lihat2 video2 di Rumah Tumpangan Sabul.

    "Peace, if it ever exists, will not be based on the fear of war, but on the love of peace.
    It will not be the abstaining from an act, but the coming of a state of mind.
    In this sense the most insignifigant writer can serve peace, where the most powerful tribunals can do nothing."

  20. law is law. siapa dulu langgar undang-udang kan? So, think twice before buat benda bodohlah. Malaysia dah tolong banyak tapi taknak menghargai kan. masa tsunami di aceh, malaysia juga negara pertama dtg hantar bantuan. Dengan kebanjiran pendatang tanpa izin dari indonesia, malaysia bagi pengampunan dan kena hantar pulang secara percuma. Tapi bila peraturan kita dilangar dan kita buat perkara yang sepatutnya, diorang buat benda macam tu.

    jiran tetap jiran, so hormati sesama kita. Malaysian people will not act like uncivilised people..

  21. lupakan sejenak marah dan benci yuk kita saling :
    Minal‘Aidin Wal Faizin,Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin

    Satukan tangan, satukan hati, Itulah indahnya silaturahmi

    Satu Syawal menjelang tiba, Takbir bergema mengetarkan jiwa,
    Sekiranya ada salah dan dosa, Ampun dipinta dihari mulia.

  22. Saya nonton acara di TV.. ada wawancara dengan press malaysia, ternyata malaysia hanya menganggap indonesia sebagai negara buruh/pembantu..

    Saya menyayangkan ini, padahal indonesia-malaysia sama-sama bermayoritas muslim..

  23. in my opinion, war is not the best way to solve problems.there's must be still have other way to resolve the conflict between Malaysia and Indonesia.solve the problem with the way of starting war is the way of a rooster and a dog.
    why dogs fight each other because of food?because dog is stupid.
    why the cock fight? because they think they are strong! but basically, the chicken is stupid!

    Have you all think? the feelings of people living in a state of war during World War 2? the daily rain of missiles, bombs, bloodshed?their all living in Shits everyday!!ask your grandpa,grandma!what they feel when stuck in the middle of war?

    declare war is easy,but have you'll ask other people?
    our days are definitely never felt the feeling of losing loved ones every day, but ask in the war-torn country now, what do they expect? they all hoping that there is one day that the war become to a peace...so think twice before declare of war..

    p/s:I was among people who live in war..

  24. volette..>>

    u're opinion is very valuable, and you seem to have had experience of war.I think u're opinion is of course a little to enlighten people about the event of war on pain.
    I want to ask you something...who r you??,Where did U come from??,n I want to knoe more about u..

  25. check out 4 more inf0 about FPDA...>>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_Power_Defence_Arrangements

  26. Terima kasih untuk blog yang menarik

  27. Sekalipun indonesia diserang malaysia ujung"nya pasti lobi" perdamaian dari kedua negara tersebut, ayolah kita seharusnya saling membantu satu sama lain sesama komunitas ASEAN, kesempatan kita sekarang untuk melawan kembali para penjajah, nah kalau malaysia kalian tak boleh pun nak besekutu dengan british, kalau kami tidak bersekutu dengan siapapun, tapi kami berharap dengan adanya program ekonomj bebas komunitas ASEAN makin mempererat tali persaudaraan kita dan bahkan kerja sama militer dan semacamnya. Please no bash and Great and Peaceful for ASEAN Community.