5 January 2011

No Wonder Tun Dr Mahathir Use Gold Dinar ..

What do you think ?????
If you like that much money in the bank was no point lah ...Never mind there is no property, an empty pocket, empty bank .....to buy the land was no money ....

I got this email from the alumni of the school (SEMSAS). ALEPS economic experts.

Experts predict the world economy be a severe could the economic crisis destroy the capitalist economy. (They are not God, but they at least have strong facts to opinions their support. Islamic economists
refers to the Quran and Hadith also rates confirms These things will definitely happen)

When the collapse of the capitalist economy, we can not take money in the bank. I heard a lecture Mr Matthias Chang, former political adviser Tun Dr M. He said this would so in the near future, 5 years, but this is not possible to say in the UMNO general assembly. He is Catholic Christian anti-Zionist. He submitted evidence such forward-looking statements by Bush advisers, professor Harvard and Oxford, who strongly IMF, World Bank the Zionist leader. Mk said the capitalist economic system will collapse, the world will be more severe of the 1930s the world economic crisis. Men are still close to Tun Dr M and write the book title FUTURE FAST FOWARD.

I also met Umar Vadillo's famous stage for review of the capitalist world system. I interviewing him at the Prince Hotel, KL next time he want see Tun Dr M. He said the capitalist system is at posted destroyed soon. So people are now buying money gold issued by companies headquartered in Dubai and have branches in Labuan. He said close to me, Malaysia is the most save money in the gold company accounts he is Tun Dr M and Pak Lah. Which means that Tun Dr. M and Pak Lah is ready to face destruction of the capitalist system.

An economics professor at the UIA, Prof. Kamil is write book chapter issue paper money and coin in this figure (electronic money). He said the money in the form that figure does not actually exist already in the bank. Money paper that we keep under the pillow or on the tube houses will be severely reduced and shrinking
very soon. RM1, 000 these days can not buy anything in the future. I was surprised to read the description of his article money creation by banks. The problem is, the story article this does not come out even in mainstream newspapers Malaysia (ie, daily news, messenger, star, NST. Our Press just-a report quoting a CNN, BBC, CNBC, Reauters that it is not true). Now, economy has been severe. Want to know the worst or not, do not watch CNN, CNBC, etc. Reauters. Media types This will not be told the truth. But read
newspapers exclusively for the Zionist gangs! like the Herald, Weekly Commentator, Jerusalem Post, etc. This may be in the newspaper access via the Internet. Media types are read by Zionist leaders. I then do a little research-bit article money meltdown over the Internet. Then, I make research articles of wealth in Islam. I can know the real wealth is: -

1. Soil (soil better by the river or flowing water nearby)
2. Gold and silver

Surprisingly, gold is now being collected by the Zionists. Largest gold reserves in the U.S.and Europe. Want to take the gold, they change it to another country with paper money. It should be remembered gangs the Zionist it is also has a bank. (Please refer to books or internet articles on the history and originbank resolution)
Finally, we are all one world, save the paper money according to economic experts would not be worth in the future days. (See the articles via the Internet under the topic of THE DEATH OF MONEY) The value of gold, oil and then water. (Because water will be contaminated badly in the future. BBC in 2001 reported that the water Sea of Galilee (a lake actually) in Palestine are receding and there is no signs will be put back. Scientists do count in 50 years no drop of water already there. Middle East and the Zionist enemy, as water will too! The second half of this century is the era did not wear out because water and sit there because there was no oil under Analysts said the world).

Last year, I attend a seminar on nuclear hotel renaissance. A Japanese expert said the oil in the ground this only lasted for 30 years. After that, I met Tan Sri the National Science Advisor and asked to him. Tan Sri, what we should do because we have no energy policy nuclear? He said, no comment. You have to askminister. I call the office of the minister, the minister will go U.S.. At that time I was writing an article on policynuclear energy as a preparation to face Malaysia shortage of oil.

I also had an interview a corporate member also a good friend or even cronies to Tun Dr M. This grandfather admitted that he did not keep paper money in bank, but save money in gold. He can gain business activities are divided on the poor. I don't keep money, like that he said close to me. I interview him last year, he was the I present three closely related books of paper money and its relation to the (bank interest). Book it explained that the RIBA (bank interest), paper money and electronic money will eventually be the cause the capitalist economic system will collapse.Evidence already exists before the eyes of the Asian economic crisis 1997 savage George Soros once. Her grandfather was said center study the Koran and to know what the meaning of wealth real. When you read the chapter Yusuf, he was surprised and a new know we all have to save the FOOD, not the MONEY or ELECTRONIC PAPER MONEY. Surprisingly well when to know, the U.S. now, other than gold and oil, are STORING FOOD as much as possible! Money paper and electronic money into the country was in the pile in which three-quarters of current dollars is at the top, hanging outside the U.S. and is awaiting the to collapse. (Cf. the articles on the dollar crisis America).

Here I quote some few statements: -

MD IMF, Rodrigo de Rato, We believe such a large imbalance of growing indebtedness by the US is a risk
not only for the US economy, but for the world economy.

Bob Mc Teer, president of the Reserve Bank of Dallas over time there is only one direction for the dollar to go lower.

Warren Buffet, the world's top players of the word: we view prototype as time bombs both for the parties That deal in Them and the Economic System.

Paul! Volker, former chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, we have a 75% chance of a crisis Within 5 years.

I just want to share knowledge and create just thinking. Whatever you think the article information I this. It's up to you. God knows best.

Sources from ******. com


  1. owh damn.no wonder lah.this is interesting swagger. i just wondering is it true you face the person u list on the 4th paragraph?? i'm respect our PM's. they are so coool.^__^

  2. @Zulfahmi Abidin..

    Chedet mmg sgt d'kgumi..

  3. Ades.. Jai buta BI la plk..he3

  4. sape ade Dinar ni..aku nk beli.hahahaha

  5. @deCrewz..

    biar btul ang ni..hihi,buta BI xpe..jgn buta BM sudah..kah3

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    bnyk duit ko gayah..hehe

  7. no wonder la why u r visited my blog... haha, good article... kita boleh lihat telah ada segelintir yang sedar akan keadaan sperti yang tuan ceritakan di rencana tuan... tetapi masih ramai lagi yang buta atau tidak mempunyai kesedaran tentang itu.... emas dan perak adalah salah satu alternatif untuk simpanan pada masa akan datang... kerana ia banyak faedahnya... kalau nak bercerita tentang emas ni... panjang lebar sampai esok lusa pun tak habis. so sy rasa yang mana baru nak sedar tu, ambil la kesempatan untuk memulakan simpanan emas ini dari sekarang, jangan tunggu, nanti rugi...

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  11. kne smpan duit awl2 ker? klu cmtu, dtg la blog i.. hehe

  12. hye
    i am an economics financial students at one tough university at malaysia

    why newspaper not come out with real story..?
    do you have heard bout how speculation do speculate and how speculation manipulated economic for a country and it effected economic?..
    one of speculation activity was 1998's..

    there are a few people that really understand economics field, not me either..but there are a lot of people do speculation..

    think it..thanks anyway :)

  13. @LiFe KaMi..

    oo0..hehe =)

  14. @✿ gadis biasa ✿..

    "why newspaper not come out with real story..?"

    The three main causes why the newspapers are not telling the truth ..,anyway nice comments though.