4 March 2011

FCC123 Introduction to Information Technology

Personal Reflection :

Week 3: March 31- February 3

This week I did learned about data and information. There are many usage and role of ICT in different sector such as in Education(E-learning,Teleconference and etc),Banking(Smart cards,Telephone banking and etc), Business, Government and Communication(Public network,Extranet and Intranet). Furthermore we also touch a bit about IT infrastructure.
The key question is,
#What is data ?
#What is information ?
Our lecturer gave us a simple class activities that we need to fill up the form such as a survey about ourselves then we need to present it in the classroom, we also learn basic about data and information. He also describes the tasks that were given to us later.

Week 4: February 6-10

This week I gained new knowledge about Information System.There are six components of IS such as procedure,database,hardware,software,telecommunication and people.Learning continues as normal, where we learn more details about data and information.He showed slides to all of us.

Week 5: February 13-17

This week nothing really happened.Our lecturers provided IT files to all of us, so easy for us to make reference and study.On the same day we learn in the library accompanied by our lecturers about IS.There are six types of IS such as TPS,MIS,DSS,ESS,ESS and other. IS have a three levels a.k.a pyramid.I got a new understanding about EIS.

Week 6: February 20-24

This week very little is happening. I continue to work on IS Development Methodologies.Our learning sessions on that day is only 30 minutes but full of useful content,our lecturer also touched the topic of the group assignments that we need to create, and send in for the next week.

Week 7: March 5-9

Week 8: March 12-16

Week 9: March 19-23

Week 10: March 26-30

This week I learnt that Google Sites is a completely online-based tool that allows us to create a simple or extensive web site. With a few clicks, you can create multiple pages, embed rich content, and even allow others to add and collaborate on content. Sites brings together all of the other great Google tools – letting you easily embed Google Docs, Calendar, Picasa albums, and much more!. My lecturer asked us to finish our site in this week.We were informed by Mr.Azammudin that we need to submit our group project next week, and that we would need to have our websites as up to date and completed as possible in order to show them to him. Mine is already really close to being done, it just needs some editing to match the logo.

Week 11: April 2-6

I am completely in final paper mode. I just can’t seem to get whatever it is I want to say right.  Now my focus is going to be on potential for increased interest in IT and math, a direction I had initially steered away from. I foresee a lot of late nights this week.However, I read through it and realized I needed more. Yay me.

Submision date on week 11 (2 April 2012)


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