10 November 2010

7 People Earn The Biggest Income From Adsense

Know adsense? Yes, this is the way so people can get dollars $$ from their blogs. And you believe the person that Adsense can become super rich?

Let us prove the truth 7 People Got the Biggest Income from Adsense
1. Markus Frind - PlentyOfFish.com - $ 300,000 ( RM 928,500.01) Per month

Markus Frind
If you've never heard of this guy, then please go to his website at....
Plentyoffish [dot] com he is the person who made the website for free online dating service from his apartment by himself. not long after that the website became one of the largest Online Dating Website.

2. Kevin Rose - Digg.com - $ 250,000 ( RM 773,750.01) Per Month

Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose started Digg in December 2004 established, this digg is a social marketing site where most of it is news, videos and pictures .. that submitted by the user should to other users to read and see .. basically after you register on this site, you can submit your news and those others will read your story, and if they like your story, then they will do the "Digg" with this rating, the better your news and could just go to page The best news there first

3. Jeremy Schoemaker - $ 140,000 (RM 433,300.00) per month

Jeremy Schoemaker

ShoeMoney can be regarded as one of the world's best internet marketers, this person is very good at problem Search Engines and SEO course. he also knows how to do the settings on his website to get optimum traffic, once in a month he got a check for $ 132,994.97. Just imagine how difficult it is cash the check amount!But unlike any other publisher, he's getting that much amount of Hundreds of Thousands of Sites and Domains

4. Jason Calacanis - Weblogs, Inc. - $ 120,000 ( RM 371,400.00) per month

Jason Calacanis

He is the Creator of the Weblogs, Weblogs is a network of blogs and think about this when he could generate income of $ 4000 per day from Google Adsense, then he sold the company to AOL for $ 25 Million. But he announced his retirement from the world of blogging in the middle of last year ie July 2008, now he's just focus on Email Campaigns

5. Tim Carter - AskTheBuilder.com - $ 30,000 (RM  92,850.00 Only) per month

Tim Carter

Tim Carter is a plumber and a professional carpenter with his own radio show, he started building the website was in 1995 with the primary objective to serve the fans .. In April 2004 Carter began to learn the adsense and put it on the site, with little optimization of his website he could increase his income from $ 1,500 to $ 7,500.

6. Joel Comm - e-book - $ 24,000 ( RM 74,280.00 Only) per month

Joel Comm

Joel Comm .. who is not familiar with, many internet marketers and bloggers who think of him as a teacher or expert adsense adsense .. who wrote the ebook titled What Google Never Told You About Making Money with Adsense. with e-book and his website he has produced approximately $ 23,458.46 between the months of November 2005 until December 2005.

7. Shawn Hogan - DigitalPoint.com - $ 10,000 ( RM 30,950.00 Only) per month

Shawn Hogan

Shawn Hogan is the founder of DigitalPoint forums, a forum that contains lots of information about Search Engine, Marketing, Business, Design and development and also about the products and services. According to the article from the New York Times he earns approximately $ 10,000 per month from Google Adsense
Member of the Forum is speculated that he had produced twice the amount.      

So, why wait? let's make money with adsense now..If there is a fortune, maybe you could be the richest people of Malaysia with your adsense blog.. Switch from nuffnang to google adsense,because google adsense offers a very lucrative returns. huhu :P


  1. Wsalam.

    just read about the schoemaker, if I'm not mistaken, yesterday @ myjazmanie.com.
    Before this I've read about the founder of Digg.com too.

    *After this can you please list out the nuffnang millionaire. hehe. joke.

  2. always..there to try...
    let's support each other and share knowledge...

  3. yup. nuffnang.
    mana tau ada yg dah jadi millionaire. =p

  4. peh banyak gile adsense die punye income

  5. kaya raya bila berblog...full time blogger la tu...>,<"

  6. No problem friend, if only to share the knowledge ..

  7. Fuyo..terbaik la swagger. mane kau dapat nie .aku tak sangke ads boleh buat mcm nie. tapi mcm mane cara aku nk kaye....hehehe.boleh tolong tak kite kaye same2..

  8. Didn't u? stkt ni blm dpt info lg tntg jutawan nuff ni..klau 0tai2 luar sna 2 y ada apa slahnya kongshikn..

  9. hehe fhmie.. aku pun dok p0kai lg,j0m lyn adsense plk nk??

  10. Nice as adsense to me are too strict with money.Any idea on how to improve my blogs will be welcome and good job guys you are leaders now teach the best to help we the upcoming ones thanks

  11. adsense?? mcm mane cara nyer?? aku tak geti lah.cube ajar aku sikit wahai otai..^___^

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  12. JohariHamzah[dot]Com11 November 2010 at 21:23

    huhu.. kayanyer..

  13. mcm mna dr segi apa 2..?? x phm laa...

  14. kalau lah sop boleh jadi cam dorang... huhuhuh
    boleh dpat 100usd sebulan kita bagus sgt.. nak cam dorang? huhuuhu..
    thx bro.. boleh jadikan motivasi nih..

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