29 September 2010

The Best Hacker of fear in the world

best hacker

Computer World is an equipment that can not be categorized as a strange but true thing, where everyone in the world can interconnect with each other, Even World Computers are currently used as a tool that must be owned by a company even almost all jobs now can be dealt with using a computer, and almost all systems controlled by computer technology ..
Related Problems in the wake of the Computer, any person who already understand the computer always wanted to try to find weaknesses of the system that created .. or usually in the know with Hacking ...
Here are some of the most respected hackers in the World ...

1.Yunus attsaouly aka irhaby 007

Who Irhabi 007? What he had done so his name became legend? Why did he do all the things you can say risky? Since when identity is known in general?

At first, the name of Irhabi 007 is only known in cyberspace. Irhaby means the terrorists and 007 is well-known figure for the British royal secret agent (the movie) named James Bond. But Irhabi 007 is not defending the Queen (UK) but to fight. Irhabi 007 is known as one who is very active in cyberspace, particularly in the cyber jihad. Irhabi 007 can be said is always in a state on line, 24 hours straight. Irhabi 007 is known as a sympathizer of Al Qaeda who is also a computer scientist and cyber world. Every day Irhabi 007 with Internet activities, such as to convert the videos, including videos of jihad that can be displayed on site. It was obvious that Irhabi 007 is a lot of mastering information technology issues. One of the most prominent activity is to make a site with a name and an administrator Forum youbomit Al Ansar Al Islami is very prestigious because it involves approximately 4500 members who are mostly Mujahideen.

No one knows exactly when the name Irhabi 007 poor across the universe began Cyber Jihad. The appearance of his name was not immediately able to confirm where their existence. It also is one of expertise Irhabi 007. However, activity could be detected Irhabi 007 began in 2001. 007 Irhabi activity increased simultaneously with the start of the American invasion of Iraq, in 2003. At that time, Irhabi 007 began actively uploading pictures of Iraq war on the internet. In that year he also began to publish the materials, including how to hack a computer. In fact he also has written his method into a book. Activists and the Mujahideen are active in Islamic forums began to recognize and be amazed at the skill and courage Irhabi 007. The enemy, America and its allies also began to realize the existence of Irhabi 007, that from the name alone is enough to offend them. So the hunt began to Irhabi 007!

2. Kevin Mitnick (born August 6, 1963)

Kevin is known for his action is quite horrendous hacker America, and represents "the most wanted computer criminal in United States history." The story of his life had been filmed as much as 2 times in Hollywood, with the title 'Takedown' and 'Freedom Downtime'.Kevin started first hacker action against the transportation system in Los Angeles. After breaking into the system 'punchcard' (subscription card readings bus), she can wear a bus anywhere for free. Kevin next action is to break the telephone system, in which he can use long distance telephone service for free.
After identifying a computer, Kevin had to do hacking on:- DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) system- IBM Computer Mini in 'Computer Learning Center of Los Angeles'- Hacking the Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Sun Microsystems and Fujitsu Siemens- Fool the FBIKevin finally caught and serving a prison sentence of 5 years. He was only released in 2000. After his release, he was not allowed to use telecommunications equipment and telephone until 2003. After Kevin sue their rights in court, he finally allowed to use communication devices and computers. Currently, Kevin works as a computer security consultant.

3. Adrian Lamo (born 1981)  
Adrian is a journalist and a hacker predicated 'gray' (can be good, be bad), especially known in hacking a series of computer networks that have high security.Himself has become a popular man after breaking into computer systems 'The New York Times' in 2002 and 'Microsoft'. He is also known to identify deficiencies in computer network security from companies included in the list of 'Fortune 500 companies' and then tell them the weaknesses and gaps that he found.This case was investigated by the FBI for 15 months, after the New York Times reported the existence of an uprooted their systems. Finally, note in 2003 that the cause is Adrian. Adrian was hiding a few days, and finally surrendered to the FBI in 2004.Adrian eventually have to undergo punishment 'house arrest' by her parents, and 2 years probation with fines of about $ 65,000. Adrian is also believed to be trying to break through the computer system Yahoo, Sun Microsystems, Bank of America, and CitiGroup, to exploit security gaps that exist.

4.Jonathan James (born December 12, 1983)
 James is the youngest American sentenced for crimes the cyber world. When a new age of 16 years he was sent to prison for hacking into U.S. defense department website.Himself admitted hacking is a challenge and is one of pleasure. NASA is also affected by his actions, James managed to steal (download) NASA software that is worth an estimated $ 1.7 million U.S. dollars in 1999. NASA should be forced to shut down the servers and systems result from the actions of the James for three weeks. And after that NASA should spend around $ 41,000 to fix the system is uprooted.6 months after hacking into NASA's James, he was arrested at his home by local police at 6 am. He is serving a prison sentence of 6 months because it is still a minor, and suspended sentence 'house arrest' to reach 21 years old. James was not allowed to interact with the computer that long.James died on May 18, 2008, no information on what caused his death.

Even in times that are increasingly sophisticated as it is today can be expected there are millions of people who always struggled in the World of Hacking, even they are now working in groups or joined in a community that is always trying to find the weaknesses of a system that in the definition, with different goals vary depending on their desires ....


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