5 March 2020

How to solve 4pda.ru captcha

Screenshot the captcha and send me on the comment section below, I'll answer it quick as possible.

9 January 2018

Hidden Gems ICO in 2018

GEMS is Decentralized Mechanical Turk, Powered by Ethereum. 

After researching an ICO's that what will give the greatest returns in this year, and Gems is one I have been made aware of that I am quite excited about. They describe themselves as a "Decentralized Mechanical Turk" that is built on Ethereum. On it people can hire workers to perform "micro-tasks" that can be completed online in return for tokens. This is already a huge industry but as they're using blockchain tech they can improve upon the existing business model, their site lists the advantages as: "Gems reduces consensus by redundancy, increases pay for individual workers while decreasing total pay for requesters, creates efficient interfaces, eliminates large fees, allows others to build innovative DApps on top of it, and enables computer literate workers with internet to work with or without a bank account."

I recommend you to have a look at their whitepapaper: https://gems.org/whitepaper.pdf Also you can find their presentational video here (it perfectly explains Gems potential): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYY1fnxutCA
Despite the fact that I am very excited about this project and going to participate in ICO, please do your own research before investing.

Therefore it is started by a couple of brothers who are both 22 year old Harvard dropouts.They left to start a site called gifs.com which I thought was very well made, on the site you can make gifs from videos and using the site is easy and intuitive, hence showing they know how to give a good UX. They also have the co-founder of twitter and the co-founder of reCAPTCHA on board, as well as others. Their blog and twitter are also quite active. Visit their site now to participate is this ico: https://gems.org/?utm_source=icodrops

18 November 2015

Remove Backgrounds from Images Online

The Background Burner quickly removes the background from any image or photo. Our patent-pending technology does all the work for you, automatically.

Free online tool automatically removes the background from images Make your image backgrounds white or transparent Even removes white backgrounds from images or photos

Frequently asked questions
Remove white backgrounds, save with alpha transparency, and more

1. How does the Background Burner automatically remove image backgrounds?
Easy: It's magic! Well... it's computer magic. It uses a large number of high-tech software algorithms to analyze your image and detect line, color and focus, to separate objects in the foreground from objects in the background.

2. Can I clean up my image background after it's been removed?
Yes. Every once in a while, the Burned version may not have a perfect background removal. If that happens, just find the thumbnail that looks the best and click "Touch up." Then use the interactive touch-up tools to perfect your background outline.

3. Can it remove white backgrounds from images?
Yes, it can. If you have an image with a white background, you can run it through the Burner and save it as a PNG. This will convert the white background into an alpha layer, making the background transparent.
4. Why is it so important to remove the background from product photos?
If you're selling a product on a marketplace like Amazon.com or Bonanza.com, buyers are more likely to purchase when your product photo has a clean, white background. Case studies show that removing the background using a tool like Background Burner can increase sales conversion by 300%.1 You're welcome!

5. How can I use it to change the background of my photos?
It's possible to change the background of a photo using image editing software like Gimp or Photoshop, but why make it hard on yourself? Once you Burn away the background from your image, just click "Replace Background" to upload a new one instantly.

7 May 2015

Double up your internet browser speed in easy steps

1. Go and open regedit. (Press windows+r , then type "regedit") 

2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE then Software then Microsoft then Windows then CurrentVersion then Explorer then Remote Computer then Namespace.

3. You will find this value {D6277990-4C6A-11CF-8D87-00AA0060F5BF} or {863aa9fd-42df-457b-8e4d-0de1b8015c60}.

4. If you find it then right click on it and delete you will find the browser is faster. This is because this registry makes the browser look for shared (remote) files/folder.

Question: I didn't get those values above, should I delete it as well?
Answer: Yes, It might not be the exact same value, if there is any number in {}, delete it.