20 July 2010

Danger to sleep while listening to the music.....

Sleep habits, listening to music or watch television until you fall asleep or leave the lights burned in the room, it is difficult to remove and according to some people that the state makes them fall asleep faster. But, in fact,after waking them feel more tension (stress). Some even feel like a sleepless night.

The explanation: When you sleep your brain really never sleeps. The brain is always running its activities, although not as busy as when awake, that is running the body's metabolic system. At night, as the decrease in activity of the body, the brain wave rhythm was decreased. But if we sleep while listening to music, television, alive or room lights were burning brightly, the sound waves or light emitted by the equipment remain acceptable to our sense of hearing and sight. Sound wave received by the device in the ear and hearing the waves of light can still penetrate the eyelids and received by the retina and lens of the eye... These waves will be transmitted to our brain. Resting brain should be stimulated to return to work and process incoming information. If this goes on all night, then we're just sleeping by the outside body, but not by brain. The brain will keep working to process the incoming information.So do not let your brain is tired to continue working at night, whereas during the day the brain will also be squeezed by our routine activities. If he strikes, how, behold?


  1. owh..i heard bout this once..and so agreed but this fact.plus....if someone wear earphone during sleeping..they can produce thousand virus on their ears..wow...

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  2. good info!
    thanks for sharing.

  3. woww...yeke...takutnye...lepas ni kene la tinggalkan habit buruk yg suka pasang lagu sampai tertido2...huhu...err...kalu dgr bacaan al-quran termasuk skali x kategori ni? hehe

  4. Trims, mari lebih peduli pada organ pendengaran kita :D nice info qe3

  5. Very useful information. I enjoy reading your article.

  6. dah bese wat cmnie dah . alamak !

  7. sanagt sedih sebab saya buat 2 benda yang tak elok untuk diri sebelom tido..saya suke dgr lagu dan tak tutup lampu!!oh now!!

  8. baru taw.

    dulu suke dgr radio sebelum tido...
    n last2 tido cmtu b4 sempat off

  9. this is a great information even i did listen to music while sleeping once..hehehe=)

  10. i can never sleep with sounds ringing in my ears.. the same thing goes with light.. kalau bole nak gelap gelita

  11. dulu2 masa bujang dengar sampai tido..laa ni kurang minat dah..huhu..thanks for sharing

  12. thanx for this info! never know about it. ;DD

  13. alamak...xbley rupanya tdo sambil dgr lagu, tapi tu yg jadi my hobby selalu =(.


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