13 September 2010

Danger cooling pad usage.

Many obstacles, either because they do not want to live my laptop alias OFF TOTAL! Even the bios did not appear. The reason? Well, look at the title of this article. Hence my laptop, believe not believe it, because (one of them) by the cooling fan.
There are several facts which we must be aware about laptops, among others:
Laptops are made to work a little elite places, air-conditioned, dust free, away from the impression of a dorm room hot and stuffy.A laptop has been designed with air circulation system. Function of heat flowing out of the machine.As with other electronic devices, laptops really hate the heat situation.Then, what is the sin of a cooler pad?
Hmmm ....

Actually this is my own fault, why always buy a cheap laptop cooling fan. If you intend to buy it, make sure that the air is sprayed rather than pointing up, not blow your laptop.
Why?It's simple. Laptop naturally throw out hot air, usually downward or backward. You'll feel the blast of hot air in those places. A good cooler will draw hot air from the laptop and not a blow with the wind, although it will be cold.
On my laptop, cooling fans turned out to disrupt the normal flow of laptop heat, give off winds upwards, so a lot of dust stuck to the circuit board. Consequently VGA overheating, damaged, and must be replaced.
How to prevent it?Always make sure the laptop heat flow. Do not put it above the mattress, for a soft mattress will hamper circulation. (Mattress feel so warm)Chock the rear of the laptop, so that free heat to flow out.Buying a good cooling (usually somewhat drain bag)Well, so I can tell ..... 

hopefully useful ...


  1. cari shoutmix tak jumpa nie..huhuhu

  2. wooohoo.aku baru tau pasal nie.tapi aku tak pakai pon tau.aku letak pemadam jer bawah laptop..bagi tinggi.hihihihi.duit takde lah nk bli cooling pad.kah2..

  3. terkejut bila kata bahaya pakai cooling pad...baru nak beli satu...cadangnye nak beli yg elok sikit la...beli yg eploh hengget nye cepat nau rosak...

    laptop suda panas sampai bole masak telor atas ni...

  4. dear ajdin..

    xkn xjmpa k0t $houtbox I yg bur0k tu...

  5. dear fahmie..,

    ltk pmdm p0n jdiklah..,pd xdk lngsg kan..

  6. der khalidah..,

    yg m'rh p0n xpe aslkn u tau modifi' sket dh b0le guna..huhu

    bley blh jgk u ni kan..ade plk nk msk tel0r ats lptop 2,,kah3

  7. klau bole beli yg ada satu kipas besar compare dgn ada 2~3 kipas kecik...

  8. bahaya rupanya benda ni??
    dah la eda guna yg sploh engget jer..

  9. o gosh..ak tros cabut cooler pad ak mase bace entry ni..haha

  10. haaa..., ambo pkai bnda nie !!
    herm....xper2.., ambo dh bli usb fan., mcm kipas dlm kete tu., hala kt tmpt laptop yg pns tu !
    ok kot..huhu

  11. thanks.. lepas ni memang nak bli mahal punya.. wehaaaa

  12. Nice Posted. Keep coming in my blog.

  13. ok la tu.. nak best beli yang aluminium... cepat ckit sejuk..:)

  14. this is a good article. i share with my readers ye. :o)

  15. amira..

    ada fulu$ semua b0leh..

  16. mamaafzal..

    n0 prob...nice 2 meet you

  17. kalo coolerpad yg ade kipas 1 tu oke ke?

  18. APi ...

    Depending on ur notebook..

  19. opppssiieeee..now my laptop kat atas mattress...cepat2 angkat!! waaaaaaaa..=p

  20. deAr Roxy zai..

    bgs laa 2,utk mnjga jgka hyt lpt0p 2..huhu

  21. alamak..mine punya rm10 gak.....kena p cari baru ni tp mcm flow nya sesuai je....hehe

  22. ha ah la...betul jgak..
    x penah trfikir pn...isy.. tq for ur info
    nak share kt blog boleh x..hu2

  23. Onelove...Jambu merah warna...

    bley je..huhu


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