29 July 2010

Einstein Puzzle (98% of people in the world could not dividing) !!!

Einstein Puzzle (98% of people in the world could not solve it)! This is one hundred percent pure logic and no tricks.

Albert Einstein arrange this puzzle in the last century.
He stated that 98% of the population in the world can not solve this puzzle.
Did you include a 2%?
And I was able to answer ...

There are five houses that each have a different color.
Each house inhabited by one male person with a different nationality.
Every occupant like a certain type of beverage.
One particular brand of cigarette smoking and maintaining a certain animal species.
None of these five men who drank the same drinks, smokes the same cigarette brand and maintain the same animal as the other occupants.

The question: Who would maintain the FISH?


1. English people living in the red house.

2. Swedes keep a dog.

3. Danish people like to drink tea.

4. Green house is located on the left the white house.

5. Green house occupants were drinking coffee.

6. People who smoke PallMall protect the birds.

7. Occupants of the house which is located in the middle of drinking milk.

8. The house yellow smoke Dunhill.

9. Norwegia people staying in the very first.

10. People who smoke Marlboro live next to people who keep cats.

11. The person who keeps horses lives next to the person who smokes Dunhill.

12. People who smoke Winfield was drinking beer.

13. To the left of the blue house Norwegia.

14. The German smokes Rothmans.

15. People who smoke Marlboro neighbor who drinks water.


  1. nice entry n nice blog, i da follow:) but then x jawab lg soklan:P tgh rushing nak p kem, balik kem i jawab:)

    visit me, n be my follower:)

  2. baca soalan pun dah pening ni, bengapnya aku

  3. ohh soalan nie ... soalan yang aku benci . Sampai sekarang aku takleh jawab

  4. kalau soalan ni diumpamakan spt jalan raya.. dah ramai yang accident.. dari td dok cuba fhm soklan tp x dpt jwb gak...huhu..malu nyer...

  5. ape kena mengena ikan ngan soklan ne..:P compius jap

  6. neXt p0st i akn bagi jwpnnye..hu3

  7. cant wait for the answer la...

  8. salam,ziarah pagi sini...sm tak ade ke

  9. dude.dari smlm aku pikir.tak dapat jawab..ape gile punyer soalan nie...apsal ssah sgt................?

  10. hahahaha... seriusly, aku dah giler nak jawab soalan nih. 5 kali dah aku cuba. give up dah. :(

  11. jawapan aku orang german bela ikan.

  12. congratulations!!.,u're answer is correct..

  13. akak siap kopi n paste n print ni, bwk balek umah nk cr jawapannyer... w/pun dh ade org jawap betol... kang dh dpt akk gtau

  14. nak buat juga la...selepas disenaraikan, ada 1 haiwan peliharaan yang xde kan...ikan la tu....soalan ni mencari siapakah yang bela ikan...

    konpius la...adeh...nak try juga buat....brainwash sikit EQ...

  15. peh.ini terbaik.memg sakit pala oi..bnyk nak kene fokus ni.ahha

  16. aku y' wt ni p0n skt pala..ha3

  17. bocor kepala gak masa memula pikir tu.. tapi kalo kita buat step by step, susun elok2, insya Allah dapat jawapan.

    Alhamdulillah, aku dapat jawab, clue kat sini, try susun rumah tu dulu dari kiri ke kanan.. hehehe.. xleh citer semua.. nanti korang x pening..


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