3 November 2010

27 Free Blog Hosting Who Must See it

27 Best Free Blog Hosting Who Must See it::Facilities free of course liked. But if free that we know only that and that alone.Possible bored because there are not challenges might make people bored especially about blogging. As we all know to affairs of Free Blog Hosting is already a lot of flying around on the internet.

But the number is down or maybe out of business. The latest possible information on Google so it is less accurate. Nach of problem free blog hosting. This time I want to give some list of Free Blog Hosting which I already own checks and normal when I arrived.Everything collected about 27 Free Blog Hosting you can exploit to sensation seeking or just want to create a dummy blog.

Everything is up to ourselves - each. Indeed, of all these lists do not all come in free blog hosting. But at least we do not know that there are many free blogs that we can use. At least not one quarter of all a free blog instead.

Here are 27 Free Blog Hosting What You See Payer. From this list does not mean that most of the best. This is just a list of Free Blog Hosting just as well with a minimum page rank 3. So for more details, easy or not to use it as well as professional or not, please check yourself.

1. Blogger
blogger hosting

Visit Site Blogger

2. WordPress
Wordpress Free Blog Hosting

Visit Site WordPress

3. Blogetery
BlogEtery Free Blog Hosting

Visit Site Blogetery

4. BlogSome
BlogSome Free Blog Hosting

Visit Site BlogSome

5. Blog
Blog Free Hosting

Visit Site Blog

6. Multiply
Multiply Free Blog Hosting & Domain

Visit Site Multiply

7. AoeNity
AoeNity domain register

Visit Site AoeNity

8. NetCipia
NetCipia Hosting Free

Visit Site NetCipia

9. SquareSpace
SquareSpace Free Hosting

Visit Site SquareSpace

10. Branevet
Bravenet Hosting

Visit Site Branevet

11. EduBlogs
edublog hosting

Visit Site EduBlogs

12. Open Diary
Open Diary Blog

Visit Site Open Diary

13. tBlog
tBlog Free hosting

Visit Site tBlog

14. Terapad
Terapad blog domain

Visit Site Terapad

15. Insane Journal
insane journal hosting

Visit Site Insane Journal

16. BlogSter
BlogSter Hosting Free

Visit Site BlogSter

17. Xanga
Xanga Free Blog Hosting

Visit Site Xanga

18. Live Journal
Live Journal Hosting

Visit Site Live Journal

19. BlogMas
BlogMas free hosting

Visit Site BlogMas

20. AtBlogs
AtBlogs Free Hosting

Visit Site AtBlogs

21. NewBlog
NewBlog Free Blog Hosting

Visit Site NewBlog

22. EBloggy
ebloggy register a domain

Visit Site EBloggy

23. ISeekBlog
IseekBlog Free Blog Domain

Visit Site ISeekBlog

24. Atom5
Atom5 Hosting

Visit Site Atom5

25. BlogEasy
BlogEasy Free Blog Hosting

Visit Site BlogEasy

26. BloggerTeam
Blogger Team Free Blog Hosting

Visit Site Blogger Team

27. OkayBlog
OkayBlog Free yahoo domains

Visit Site OkayBlog

Finally finished already. The list above is a list of the 27 Free Blog Hosting what I mean. I'm sure there are many blog hosting free in addition to the above. What I did not call the possibility of Malaysia are also I apologize. Please leave comments if anyone would like to add. Hopefully useful.


  1. Still much prefer paid hosting that offer much flexibility... but then, kudos for you to provide such a comprehensive list

  2. great list for those who prefer to have free hosting aside from blogspot. :)

  3. thnkszz...x mmpu bli h0sting hehe

  4. oych.where's tumblr? hehe.
    have heard only few such as xanga, live jounal, blogspot, multiply, wp, blogsome

    there's diff. between wp.org and wp.com

  5. aaa..btul jgk "tumblr" trlupa aku hehe

  6. thanks for share kawan :)

  7. Yeah? Where's Tumblr?

    And only worpress.com can offer free blog hosting.


  9. nice sharing..
    byk pilihan yer..
    pilih yg terbaik.. :)

  10. wlc0me sop..pndpt awk yg mna yg trbaik..??

  11. pergh, byk sgt yang free
    tp yg slalu org guna blogspor n wordpress je
    thanks for the info

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