7 March 2011

[Tut] Get 300 Likes in 5 Minutes

Today I'll show you how to get 300 likes on ur facebook page or group in less than 5 minutes. Simply follow these 5 steps:

1. Sign up at Twiends

2. Now click "Free Credits"

3. Enter all these codes in..-->

LK4W2Q 50 credits
54MU1W 50 credits
AX2KRZ 50 credits
KE3YZ1 75 credits
98HJ1A 75 credits

4. Now you have about 300 credits. Twiends is like an auction site where you pick the group you want to get likes to and select how much you are willing to offer for 1 like. Now I for example want to get likes fast so I'll put 4 credits for 1 Like. To do that you just go to "Settings" and then "Facebook" and choose your group or page and select how many credits you are willing to offer per like.

5. Wait about 2 minutes and refresh your facebook page..


  1. @suffer..

    try jer br0..:D

  2. Veri nice info
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. your welcome anita..
    ohh ic ^_--

  4. dah x boleh gune la.. :(

  5. @Gamer...

    voucher da eXpired lol =p

  6. @kerja sambilan..

    Your welcome

  7. nice post...will try your technique...hoping will increase my fb likes...thanks, share is caring...

  8. @Seri

    Now only twitter, no more facebook :(
    Btw, thanks for dropped here.