1 June 2010

How to Build Muscle

Building muscle does not necessarily become a candidate for the title of Mr. Universe ala Arnold Schwarzenegger in his heyday. Instead, you look after a toned body with just the right amount of muscles to impress, but not too many, they are ridiculous.

There are two main components of building muscle - the program of strength training itself and the food program. All must be complementary to each other or otherwise all efforts would be futile, as explained later.

Let's discuss the strength training program first. Unlike cardio training, strength training requires weighted gym equipment like dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, toning bars and other weight machines.

All these teams are weighted to create small tears in the muscle fibers, which heal in a few days. In each period of healing, the muscle fibers stronger, firmer and more. The adage about no pain, no gain from this practice since injuring the areas of education is a fact of life for bodybuilders.

Personal trainers are often needed the first few sessions in the gym, if only to ensure safety. Lessons include the most important in maintaining the shape and the weight of the lifts, "said education on keeping the spine aligned, exercise and abdominal muscles to avoid locking the elbow. Furthermore, we also have to rest between sets and avoid jerky movements in order to obtain as much as possible to protect your muscles as possible. As mentioned above, the use of the program is useless without the right diet will support muscle growth. Bear in mind that muscle, bone and tissue to be fed nutrients, including increased body requirements during strength training.

First and foremost, it is necessary to change the eating habits from too much junk food to plenty of fresh foods rich in proteins, carbohydrates and the good fats. Protein supplements are also recommended but remember that these are just supplements to a healthy diet. A whey protein drink 30 minutes after a workout will also do wonders for bodybuilding.

Specifically, complex carbs from whole grains as well as proteins from low-fat yogurt and egg whites are preferred. Avoid starchy, sugary and white processed foods as these interfere with glucose production, which is very important in building muscles.

Results of the exercise and diet plan will not be immediately seen. It will take months before the muscles become larger and firmer but the health benefits of a healthy diet coupled with exercise can be felt in just a few days. Now, that should provide motivation to continue with the weight training!

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