15 May 2010

Top 5 White Hat SEO techniques

SEO techniques that help your site to get a better page rank in search engines can be both white hat and Black hat. White hat techniques are accepted as long-term ethical and useful, while the black hat methods to manipulate the rankings page to either reject or not preferred because they are rules, so ethical. You should know the difference between these two and select a company that uses only white hat techniques. Otherwise, your site may be penalized or blacklisted by search engines. If you wonder about the effectiveness of white hat SEO techniques that can help make the cut, here are the top 5 that can help your company:

Design a well structured website: When SEO expert, you need to take care of site design. Make it simple so that search engine crawlers can easily browse all the pages and understand the topic of each page. So, make the pages well structured, with upper and lower headers. Remember that search engine crawlers difficult to read the images flash. Then use the ALT tag photos so that they are search engine friendly. If you have dynamic web pages, remove the session ID to allow them to search engine spiders to crawl.Titles and Meta Tags: your page titles and other text should be descriptive. To ensure that their sites are indexed using a combination of keywords specific and short paragraphs that describe what your website or particular web page in question. Instead of using the same data for all target websites, it is useful to mix and match, so you have meta tags that are unique to each site.

Find and use specific keywords: do the necessary research to find relevant keywords that describe your site and each of your pages as well. Each Web page should have keywords specific to the offer or for the purpose of this page. Remember not to fill the pages and meta tags with keywords.

Include content quality: Remember that content is king. Your site should provide relevant content complete with clear titles. Well written content can increase the popularity of the site and help to gather better page rankings.


  1. bro can u explain to me the method of 'use spesific keywords?

  2. bro u can use this software >>http://rapid.searchmetrics.com/en/seo-tools/keyword-tools/keyword-density,18.html

    thnk 4 comment..

  3. i'm using https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal..:)

  4. the website is also good..,thanks for the suggestions MrNamiruz..

  5. Now, where's the top 5?tsk tsk tsk

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