15 June 2010

How to increase Google PageRank - Part 1 of 2

Google PageRank is one of the key parameters when users check an authority on Internet sites. In order to increase Google PageRank, you must first understand how Google page rank assigned to each site. To increase your Google PageRank will not happen overnight. It requires much time and effort. So lets dig and discover how you can increase the Google PageRank for your site.

Quick Overview

Before explaining how to increase the PageRank of your website, I would first like to explain what is Google PageRank. PageRank is a tool (ranking) system was developed by Google to classify each site. Notices of 0-10 is assigned to each site using a very complex Google algorithm. 0 is the lowest ranking and 10 the highest. (Google.com for example, has a PageRank of 10). You can also come across sites that have "affected" "Google PageRanking. This means that the site has been created and indexed by Google, or the site banned by Google.

The Algorithm used to assign PageRank are very complex and cannot be cracked, however most experts do agree that Google PageRank uses back links as a major variable in the complex algorithm used to assign PageRank to a web site. Keep this in mind, because this is very important.

Back Links

As I mentioned, Backlinks plays a major factor when Google is assigning a PageRank for a site. A back link is when a web site uses "a href" to link back to your site.

For example, you have a blog on the new drives on the market (harddriverus. com). Your friend has a blog on new webcams. Your friend mentions a new hard drive asking its readers to check harddriverus.com and puts a link in their posts. Congratulations, you just got an external backlink. (Internal Backlinks are as important as external backlinks, however, weight more external backlinks in the Google algorithm that internal links. That does not mean that it is important to connect your internal website.)

PageRank is almost like a voting system. Whenever other website gives you a link to Google counts as a vote. The decline more votes you get, your site Google Account. Now, it becomes a bit more complicated. Not all votes are the same. Some voices have more weight than others. We're going into this shortly.

So I quickly re-cap, the PageRank algorithm is complex, but experts agree that links back to play a significant role must be carried out PageRank for each site. Links back to describe the voting system. Additional links you get back, the more votes cast for you by Google.

In the second part of "How to increase Google PageRank" I will talk about how Google weighs each vote, and how you can enjoy it, and how you can increase the PageRank of your website.


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