17 June 2010

How to Increase Google PageRank - Part 2 of 2

In our first part of "How to increase Google PageRank" Google PageRank analyze what was and how it worked. The page rank transfer 0-10, and also looked back links and how they helped determine the sites PageRank. In Part 2 we will discuss how and why every vote is not equal and how you can get the votes needed to help increase your Google PageRank.

Back Links

So now you know what a link back, so lets take a look at how they can build up the number of our voices. Google looks at a number of things during the counting of votes. Most important is the voter. Who are you voting? Is there a place of authority? How Google determines the authority of a site? Google uses Page Rank! So if you just run and try to increase your Google PageRank, you want to get the votes of sites with high page ranks.

One thing to remember is that a voice from Pagerank 5 corresponds to hundreds of voices from a PageRank 0 PageRank or websites. It is not easy to get votes on high PageRank websites, when you just start, you must work hard and you work your way. Make sure your link building is natural, which means that you build your links back in time and not overnight 200 votes.

How to build back links?

Blog comments, user blogs, forums, directory submissions are some methods you can use to start a return link. Submit your blog or social bookmarking site like digg.com.

Article Marketing is another way of marketing to build their backlinks.

Back Links - Must Read

Returning authority site links are important, but one thing that Google looks at is the relevance of the site is to vote. You must consider when building your back links.

So, for example, if your site is a dog, and get a link to the computer hardware, the voting weight has just fallen. Remember, the goal is to get a high PageRank links to sites related to your blog / website. Occasionally, Google penalizes sites that have links to sites on the United Nations.

DoFollow vs NoFollow

It is a whole topic in itself, but I thought I quickly touch base on it. A few years ago, Google decided to use a rel attribute, which says that the engine Google, if the link should be included or not PageRank. This was echoed by other major search engines like Yahoo and MSN (Bing), as well. Basically can rel of "a href" html code is set to "nofollow" which tells the search engines do not count this as a vote. You can read about this attribute by searching Google.

Buying Back Links

The easiest way is to pay for text links on sites with high PageRank. What you'll get a link back to solid, but two things to consider. First, it can be expensive to obtain a text link on a popular website, and 2. Google does not like sites that pay for votes. This can work to your disadvantage, so be careful when buying links on other sites.

One Way Links

One way to carry more weight than links on a two-way. This means that if you change the link from another site, decreases the weight of votes. Get your site to link to when it is necessary to increase the weight.

In Conclusion

We talk about trackbacks and how they can help raise your PageRank Google site. The best way to increase your Page Rank is the natural way, which means to write good content on your website and have patience. If you have good content, other bloggers or websites link to your website / blog. Always look for ways to increase your ratings. Do not focus too much on DoFollow or NoFollow. Try to get links from high PageRank sites, but do not let a PageRank prevents you from adding a comment on a blog. Be patient, write good content, and before you know, Google PageRank increase.


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