23 July 2010

Why Jews are average smart?

Without intending to dramatize about Israel or Jews, I just wanted to share the information I got from reading the translation of H. Maaruf Bin Hj Abdul Kadir (Malaysian nationals professor) from the University of Massachuset
USA on research conducted by Leon Carr DR.Stephen. Dr. Leon's research is about the development of quality of life of Israelis or Jews.

Why The Jews smarter on average ? Studies done to get the facts as follows:
Apparently, when a Jewish woman pregnant, then the mother immediately increase the activity of reading, singing and playing piano and listening to classical music. Not that alone, they also soon began to learn more math intensive and also bought many more books about mathematics. learn it, and if there is not known well, they did not hesitate to come to other people who know math to learn it. All it did for her son who was still inside the womb.

After the child was born, for the mother who walked her baby they choose to eat more nuts and dates and milk. At noon, eating bread with a headless fish and salads. Fish flesh is considered good for the brain and the head of the fish should be avoided because they contain chemicals that are not good for the child's brain growth. Besides, the mother must eat a lot of fish oil (code liver oil).

Arranged so that the menu is dominated by fish. Where was the meat, do not eat meat and fish, because they believe that the flesh of fish to eat the results are not good for growth. Eating fish should eat fish, when to eat meat, only eat meat only, not stirred. Eating all the priorities have to eat fruit, a new eat bread or rice. Eating rice and then eat the fruits, are believed to be lazy and sleepy just do the job. More special are: In Isarel, smoking is taboo! They have the results of research from experts on genetics and DNA researchers are convinced that nekotin will damage the main cells in the human brain that impact is not only to the smoker but also affects the "gene" or descendants. The main effect is that it can make people and their descendants be "stupid" or "dumb". Although, if you look, the biggest cigarette producer in the world is Jewish! But who smoke, is not Jewish.

Children are always a priority to eat fruit first and do not eat rice or bread, and do not forget to drink fish oil pills. They must also be a good language to master at least three languages, Hebrew, Arabic and English. Children are also needed for training and the piano and violin. Two instruments are considered to be very effective to improve IQ. Music, especially classical music can help brain cells. Most of the musicians is a genius the Jewish world.

One of the six Jewish children, taught mathematics with concepts that relate directly to business and trade. It turns out one of the requirements for graduation from the university for his Majoring Business, is, in the last year, in one group of students (consisting of 10 persons), should run the company. They can only be passed after the company gets hit one million U.S. Dollars. That is why, then more than 50% of world trade is controlled by Jews. Design "Levis" last created by a University in Israel, "faculty and fashion business."

Sports for children, preferably is Shooting, archery and Running. Shooting and archery, will form a brilliant brain that is easy to "focus" in thinking!

In New York, there is a Jewish center that develops world-class business tips. Here there are many activities that explore aspects of the business up to the aspects that influence it. In the sense of studying the business aspects associated with the culture of their market share. Deepening that strives almost like a laboratory, "research and development" special trade and business is financed by the Jewish conglomerates. Not surprisingly, then we saw the success of the Jews as seen in: Starbuck, Dell Computer, Coca-Cola, DKNY, Oracle. Hollywood film center, Levis and Dunkin Doughnuts.

Special about smoking, the country is Singapore followed Israel. In Singapore the smokers treated as second class citizens. All associated with smokers are complicated by the government. Price of a pack of cigarettes in Singapore is the 7th U.S. dollar, compared with in Malaysia that is only worth 1.50 cents U.S. Dollar. The Singapore government adopted what has been done by Israeli researchers, that nicotine is only going to produce a generation that "stupid" and "Dim".

Believe it or not, of course it's up to us all. But the fact that there can be seen that indeed a lot of Jewish people are smart! Stay, the question is, whether his intelligence was very beneficial for the improvement of quality of life for mankind as a whole.


  1. nice to read ur post..
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  2. nice to read ur post..
    keep blogging..

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  4. orang yahudi smart? tengoklah facebook tu berapa ramai orang suka..pandai betul dia tarik perhatian orang ramai.

  5. Malays were also g0od but th'y just lazy to move forward..