18 September 2010

Google Indexed Fast (Especially to bloggers)

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It is undeniable, a website or blog indexed by Google will appear at the top of search results on Google search engine, and certainly has a greater chance visited by Internet users, but if your blog has been indexed by Google, in this post I'll explain the first way I use to optimize my blog so quickly indexed by Google, the way I did this it worked, just within this month or my blog has been indexed by Google in Web search or blog.

Many people who say blogs are not yet a year old will not be indexed by Google, and usually are indexed then only a few blogs just of the many blogs in the world, but I do not believe in it, would sooner or later than a blog indexed depends on several factors used by Google, this factor is.

1. The title of the blog page, in the usual Google search will customize the blog title with the word or phrase that people use to search the Google search box, as an example is when you type Google.com Current World Issues, then emerges is a blog that has the same title and almost equal to the keywords you'd use the Current World Issues, that's why you change your blog's title in accordance with your target keywords.

2. Submit a sitemap at https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools, where you will be prompted to enter your address sitemap to Google, for users of Blogger.com platform you can enter your address sitemap atom.xml, like the example latest-worldissue.blogspot.com / atom. xml, then you will be given a code of Meta, to be paired on your blog, more specific ways can you search on Google, the purpose of registration of this sitemap so that Google can quickly find out the number of your posts without having to open your blog.

3. Submit your blog to http://blogsearch.google.com/ping, there is also your residence to enter the address sitemap for your blog like the example above, the functions of registration sitemap you this time is that Google knows about the existence of your blog is.

4. Give me some links that were drawn to your blog, this is usually the most influential way to fast or slow your blog indexed and entered in web search results on Google, we make such a link is called Backlink, to get a backlink can be done in various ways, ways My favorite is to find backlink commented on the blog or websites that I visit, I like how to find backlinks by commenting on those websites, because it is free, and can be done quickly, so I can get a lot of backlinks in a day, you need to know more and more backlink that you can into your blog, Google will be increasingly happy to visit your blog so your blog can appear on a number of Google search results, backlinks this way of working together with the way the prime minister elections in Malaysia, the more the voters who chose you the opportunity to become the number one in Malaysia increased significantly.

5. Make a general title but with an intriguing sentence.
General title is the title meant that allows people to look up in google. Examples are easily my article, In general, we target the keywords "Google Indexed Fast ..", but after we checked, it turns out competition for that keyword is too crowded, so we add the sentence "the quick, the quickest way to prove this." The aim is that the robot reads the article as a new thing, and this will bring this article on the top of the competition, no matter how dense the competition. :)

6. Finally, the contents of your blog using your imagination the original article.Our intention, the content of your blog with original articles. Do not forget to thicken point - an important point in your posting. Routine and periodic updates.

Make a to-six how quickly indexed Google was in order, maybe your blog will be indexed by Google within a month, how to check if your blog is already indexed or not is by typing site:tittle of ur blog.com on Google, when they arise means your blog already indexed by Google. 

p/s : but I know many bloggers already knoe about SEO Page Rank Checker