19 January 2013

Mainstream Media are Pro-Government

Media Fail!
Every day TV news and Newspaper, news related on politic that are pro government. Most Media such as TV and Newspaper are bashing opposite party hard, The media report every mistake they done, some event twist the story. As we are human we tend to do mistake in life. Do our current so called.. PERFECT Government did not any mistake? Only news benefit to party are aired and published, Drawbacks news, never published. In my personal opinion, Most Media are BIAS & PRO government & Provide incomplete news & Misleading. All positive/ negative Opinion & Suggestion are welcome. If disagree, I strongly suggest to write down opinion or suggestion, why do you think its not. 

I don't understand why our media defines "free in education" as easy as this. Giving RM100 to each of the students, and students (more accurate: parents) still have to pay the certain specific amount for school.

I won't relate this with any political agenda, but rather, this newspaper presented an act of deceitful which we should abhor it.

Media can win people with no Internet, by netizens won't sit down and do nothing, don't ya?

Without the online medias of opposition, I think Malaysians wouldn't have known the big wrongdoings of government. Lets look it the corruption issue alone, it has gone to a serious level. The central government is estimated to lost RM26 billions per year due to corruption. How long Malaysia can sustain these huge corruption amounts? Another issue is the national debt which has been risen to RM500 billions, the national debt has gone to fast leading to worry of getting into financial problem in future of 8 or 10 years.

But as people said, opposition online medias aren't mainstream and thus they can reach limited audience only.

The mainstream medias are the ones that can reach to majority of Malaysians. However they were controlled to report only the good things about the government as well as often give compliments to the government policies only. And most often the mainstream medias take the opportunity to report bad things about opposition. Through mainstream medias, people can't really know how the management and performance of the government. The mainstream medias only mislead people to think that the government is always good even they have become bad. Imagine if a corrupted government can continue to win in election and run the country, what good future of the country can we expect!

I think all media should promote:

1. truth
2. social justice
3. civil debate
4. healthy living
5. national goals

And should not be be used for
1. propaganda
2. brain washing

Are mainstream media’s epic fail?

JAN 13 — Going by Malaysia’s mainstream media coverage of the Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat rally yesterday, a television viewer or newspaper reader can assume the organizers failed to get its targeted crowd, overfilled a stadium and participants broke the law by bringing their children.

And, oh, for some media, it was actually the Himpunan Shamsidar.

In both the Malay and English-language Sunday papers, there was no coverage of the issues of the day that drew thousands to Stadium Merdeka for three hours, or for the speakers who wanted to highlight burning issues that will be part of the election campaign this year.


How can the media be mainstream if it stops covering a major event in the capital city or even cover it honestly? Is it a wonder that the circulation and readership of some newspapers have dropped?

Have the editors of these newspapers ever wondered if they are doing a good job for their owners and the government of the day by focusing on side issues rather than the reasons why nearly 100,000 gathered at Stadium Merdeka?

Malaysia doesn’t even see such numbers for a football game. Isn’t it counter-productive to bury one’s head in the sand like an ostrich and focus on other reports rather than the one big event thus far in 2013?

Such reportage hurts the government more than it helps. The dropping numbers of newspaper readers will mean such propaganda is hitting a smaller market, while internet news portals that carry news instantly with pictures of the crowd will get more popular.

How does one influence people if you ignore the news of the day? Is it by spamming email inbox's with emails warning against going for the rally or spewing some contrived government spokesman message about the rally?

Would an email from suara.rakyat2013 purporting to carry news from an unnamed government spokesman even work?

News must come from credible sources but Malaysia’s mainstream media, both newspapers and television stations, failed to do so today with their scant and misleading reports about the rally in the capital city yesterday.

These organisations are sidelining themselves from the marketplace of information and ideas, becoming the fringe news sources that internet news portals started out years ago.

What a pity. To roll over and become the purveyor of news that doesn’t matter rather than remaining the top news sources of the day. In internet parlance, that’s called an epic fail. //by MalaysianInsider


We hope this media transparency so that more people get enough information to make the best choice and more mature in politics. Even after the government hoped to rule over media freedom should be paramount and should be given the right to a non-party rule.

Hopefully openness Malaysia media make people knowledgeable and knowledgeable and wise in evaluating the issue and ultimately make people politically mature.

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