13 October 2010

[PIC] Football Players Changing Appearance

I feel so long I do not make a new entry .. This time there is a new m0od I want to make a new entry .. Let see here 

What would happen if Footballers Changing appearance Being EMO??

Emo Soccer Club a.k.a Emo Fc..

Let's look further here...

There will be another extension of football team Fifaemo..I will update as soon as possible..
Fifa emo a.k.a Fifemo 

This picture best football players to change their image to be emo.This can be said to fantasy football.haha


  1. kah kah kah.

    team EMO ni.

    silap skit, terus bertumbuk ni.

    Merapu tapi bukan Mengampu

  2. @Robot | Sakti...

    nmpk cam "lmbut" je..hehe

  3. hahah..kalau yg botak2 semua dah ade rambut aku tak tawu la nk ckp ape.hehehe..lawak seh muke diorg dgn celak itam bawah mate.emo betul.hehehehe..

  4. @Zulfahmi Abidin...

    Agk2 kau la kn...tht is the real pIc??..huhu

  5. M Zulfahmimabidin27 October 2010 at 18:39

    tak real langsung.kn pic edit nie...

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  6. M Zulfahmiabidin27 October 2010 at 21:44

    bro..pegi update blog la bro...hehe


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