9 June 2010

Grow Taller Exercises you can do at home !!

Why grow taller exercises? Well ... Read a short story. My friend always called me 'Shorty' and really do not have a problem, until I got my first serious relationship with this girl that I liked a lot. Known as "Shorty," with him when I really started to bug me and I asked my friend to stop, But they did more often just irritate and mock me. Since I could not stop them, I decided to change my height to see if I could change things in this way. I found a step by step to higher growth, but because they want to keep up with everything out there, grow taller exercises in this guide is best for me.

Some of them just what they could do in the gym, but has been allowed since I am every day. The best exercises to develop this program were, however, very easy to follow and I was able to do at home. Only a few weeks later I had a few inches more, and since the program worked fine for me, I will describe here some of the exercises that I'm growing steadily since I finished the program.

Most of these exercises are based on stretching the arms, legs and most important, the spinal column. Here are a few grow taller exercises focused especially on the spinal column.1. The first exercises to grow taller growth of the spine is called the 'Cobra'. You can do this exercise, lie on the floor, palms on floor under shoulders and begins to lean backward, arching the spine, where possible, increase the growth of the jaw. When you reach the maximum extension, relax and repeat. Each stroke must be maintained for up to 30 seconds.

2. Another exercise is to grow the 'the bowl'. Start this exercise on the floor, face against the ground, arms and legs outstretched. Raise your arms and legs together as high as you can, relax and repeat every 5 seconds.

3. "The super stretch" is one of the grow taller exercises that I prefer as I can do it randomly during the day. For this you need to stand on your feet, raising your hands as high as possible, leaning back a little, until you feel the stretch in your lower spine. Each stretch must be up to 10 seconds long.

4. "The touch toes" speaks for itself. You need to bow forward as much as possible, touching your toes with your fingers. You must keep your legs straight all the time, without bending your knees. The best time for each stretch should raise up to 5 seconds.

These are just some of the exercises grow taller than I do in my daily routine and helped me a lot. All you can do at home, you do not need special equipment. Although the program for growing taller than I am using contains all the information you can get on this subject, the exercises have been enough for me. Be more gave me a little more confidence, but even if I'm taller than some of my friends now, I always call 'El Chapo' sometimes just mess with me. However, if you want the full range of exercises to grow, here is a link where you can find the best step by step program to grow taller, who has worked for me and I recommend anyone who wants to grow.

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