10 June 2010

Global Warming - 5 Simple ways to make a difference...,

When you hear the news about global warming, do you feel overwhelmed and hopeless? If so, start making these 5 actions and know that you are helping to reverse the global warming trend.

1. Drive less.

We know that auto emissions contribute to global warming, and can reduce the impact of driving less. Here are some ways:

* Walk or ride a bike for short trips.
* Combine errands to reduce the number of trips you make.
* Take public transportation when possible.
* Car pool with others for work, meetings, and the like.

2. Eat less meat, especially beef.

How does this reduce global warming? The researchers say that agriculture is actually a greater impact on global warming emissions from vehicles. This includes all factors, such as methane from livestock waste, the oil used in feed production and transport of meat and so on.

By eating less meet, especially beef, you will reduce the demand for livestock production and divert resources toward more environmentally-friendly foods. And you will probably be making yourself healthier in the process.

3. Replace light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs

It is an inexpensive approach that may begin to pay dividends not only in global warming, but lowering your electricity bills. Fluorescent lamps have been improved considerably in recent years so that the quality of light is more blue, cold light tubes of the first generation. 4. Adjust your thermostat.

Change your thermostat settings, even 2 or 3 degrees can make a significant change in the amount of energy it uses. If you decrease the value of winter, it's easy to change by putting a sweater or an extra layer of clothing. In summer, you can increase your bet by AC two or three degrees, and use a fan to feel just as cool as you to your previous configuration.

5. Join with others and educate yourself.

Along with others is the key to stay focused and inspired, and learn more about how to make a difference. No matter how much or how little we understand environmental problems, to find other people who are interested in sharing their knowledge and work together. There are organizations in every community who are bringing people together to solve environmental problems.

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