10 June 2010

Five quick ways to improve the profitability of your AdSense

Google AdSense revenue can not be handled as an editor you need good management, and only the delicate webmasters can play well with ideas on how to get targeted traffic to your website, you can do to increase your AdSense revenue. With careful handling Google AdSense can be a very effective tool for generating revenue from a Web page. But the attention to detail is necessary to ensure that it serves.

1) Increase flow of traffic

- Like any other online venture the best way to ensure revenue is to find a way to make the webpage seen by people. More the number of people clicks on the advertisements or visits the links the higher are one's AdSense earnings. So ensuring the webpage is popular and much viewed is necessary and the most relevant point.

2) Planning the layout

- A layout of small carefully planned could help generate more revenue. Google AdSense offers three sections of the advertising on each side with four ads in each section individually. Revenue generated an announcement depends on its place in the side. For example, the company whose advertising appears on the highest peak in the article that take the position that the left-most pay the highest.

The rate decreases dramatically as it is placed in the lower sections. Therefore, a provision that CRAM well thought through ads in a single page, but extends over a number of pages can increase profit by advertising more effective in the highest-paid sections. The same number of ads set to earn more income. When a regime like the one that shows two sections instead of three per page and make sure they are distributed throughout the visible content increases earning potential greatly.

3) Blending it in

- If you can mix the announcement as part of the content, you can generate a higher click through ratios. That is why advertising background color should be the same as the background color behind the surrounding page and color of text that is the title of the announcement coincides with the color of hyperlinks in the other page. This analysis of the distribution may actually encourage people to see the ad and therefore generate more revenue.

4) Selecting higher paying keywords - Many AdSense publishers are focusing their content to incorporate the highest paid keywords. Typically, a keyword earn a few cents per click. However, it is possible that the keys are generated 20 to 30 times more. But the relevant issues are relatively rare and highly competitive. Many advertisers do not put this kind of deals and maintain reserved mainly for research networks. This does not mean a change in the niche of all, but instead of choosing the most profitable keywords in it.

5) Adding more good quality content

- If page content is useful and it placed the ads on relevant content, it is therefore more likely to get more clicks on the b visitors.

These easy to incorporate methods can help to significantly increase the earnings from AdSense.


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  5. Find keywords pay the most to your current website pages...

    We must first determine what keywords Google turns to the current site. You can then use this information to optimize the current contents of the highest paying ads as a keyword.

    1.Browse to Google's Keyword Tool
    2.Select the Web site content
    3.Enter your website URL (you can also enter a specific web page)
    4.Click Get Keyword Ideas
    5.Select Show All from the dropdown box
    6.Make sure Group keywords by common terms is checked
    7.# Under Calculate Estimates using Max CPC: select $USD (or whatever currency you use)
    8.Enter 100 in the empty box (or the equivelent of $100USD in your currency)
    9.Click Recalculate
    10.Now the columns below will display the estimated cost per click (CPC) for each keyword!
    11.Click the column title Estimated Avg. CPC to sort by price. Click it one more time to sort from highest to lowest.
    12.You can now browse down the page to get an idea for which keyword phrases pay the most amount of money
    13.Now you can go back to your current articles and rewrite bits of the content, organizing phrases and keywords so they match up with the highest paying AdSense keywords. This will make a big difference, helping AdSense to place similar ads that pay much more instead of low cost per click ads.
    14.If you really take seriously the ideal solution would be to enter the URL for each article on your site and repeat the process to rewrite your content to match the highest paying Adsense keywords for each page.

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