12 June 2010

Top 8 Myths of Bodybuilding Exercise

You might have heard some of them: excessive sweating during practice is evil, exercise more to produce faster results, and so on. There are many myths that surround the building of muscle. Some truths are, but most people are only hypothesis. By this I'm going to outline eight top 8 myths about body building exercise.

Myth 1: When you stop exercising, your muscle will turn to fat Fat and muscle are two different substances, so that fat does not turn into muscle and vice versa. When you stop training, your muscles down, and because you always eat the same amount as when you exercise regularly, you can take more calories than your body needs. This results in excess calories stored in body as fat.

Myth 2: If you train regularly, you can eat anything If you plan to buy your food unorganized exercise, you will be disappointed. It is always better than to eat food freely and never exercise, but the following exercises without good food means that you will not get the most out of your workout.

Myth 3: If you do not practice hard and often you're just a waste of time Even medium intensity, like jogging, cycling or walking several times a week gives you a huge advantage. Walking 30 minutes a day is a much healthier heart.

Myth 4: The more you practice, the better the results This is false. practice makes it too will only lead to overtraining. Over training can cause injuries and illness. Better balance and rest, because that is when the mass of your muscles grow.

Myth 5: Exercise can cure all disease Exercise can improve your health, but not in practice for improving the size of the disease. Unlike other, regular exercise may reduce or even prevent the risk of various diseases as a heart attack, diabetes, rheumatoid and other disease. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Myth 6: No pain, no gain Practice should not be painful to succeed. Aches and pains for beginners is okay, but if it continues, it means that you have overtrained. Give your muscles time to adjust and does not practice too much in too little time, or you'll be more prone to muscle injuries.

Myth 7: Too much sweating during practice is unhealthy Sweating during exercise was an indication that your body has adapted quickly to remove heat from the body. People who are active producing more sweat than is passive and rarely exercise and have therefore a body more efficient system cooling.

Myth 8: Exercises with weights will result in a developed and muscular body for women This is the reason why women avoid lifting weights. In fact, weight training is the best and fastest way to help lose fat and tone muscles. Total number of men and women have different hormones. Women are only small amounts of the hormone testosterone, which women's lives is not easy muscle than men.


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