6 July 2010

Magic, A Girl Have Eyes Translucent Glance

Laura Castro [14], was born as a normal person. But at the age of 10 years all of them white eyes, can not see the black part (pupil).

Eye specialists and experts in other fields have examined these cases, but none could explain why. "The doctors said they had never seen anything like this," said his mother, Anabel Castro.

"My daughter can be seen everywhere in bright light or dark conditions. He easily see transparent solid objects. The strangeness of his eyes began to emerge gradually. He who had brown eyes turned white and more white, and his eyesight became increasingly sharp. "

The scientists who examined the problem of X-ray eye on Laura Castro said, she could see clearly through the walls of concrete, wood, paper, and steel.

Her mother said, "He woke up one morning, and he could see through into the body. He saw her heart beating, she screamed. This makes us fear and panic for a few months. "

Since having the eyes of white and opaque, this beautiful girl was shunned by her friends at school. His mother raised him, "You're special. Someday you will be very famous. "


  1. wow.... it's amazing. but looks like very weird if seeing her eyes

  2. urgh.. i think i will get nightmare after see it.. so scary..

  3. macam cyclops, tapi takleh kua laser