6 July 2010

Is Lionel Messi a Jew?

Lionel Messi soccer player who is considered the most talented in the world this century, playing for Argentina in the World Cup in South Africa, celebrates 23rd birthday on Thursday, June 24. Messi, FIFA's 2009 Player of the Year This year, underwent a very impressive football career, it's hard to believe that he was very young.

Now, before the World Cup, his name graced newspapers across the world, producing such great news "Messiah Messi (Messi Savior)" and "Messi Mesmerizes (Excellent)." Life skills were analyzed and compared. Anything.

Reduce the Jerusalem Post reports on Messi viewed from the perspective of the Jewish Kabbalah. According to Kabbalah, the Hebrew date of birth significantly affected their lives and destiny. Messi was born at 20:20 on June 24, 1987 which means that he has the Hebrew date: 28 Sivan 5747.
Number 28, KAF-het, has a mantra of power, anyone who saw Messi will chuckle admiringly. A week before the 2010 World Cup final on July 10, which happens to coincide with the Sabbath, that's when Jews read the Torah, Matot-Massei, twice. Massei name, means of travel, very similar to the name of Messi, and including each of the three Hebrew letters (to, samech and Jude) that form a Messi.

Massei also include four letters, Ayin. In terms of Kabbalah, which refers to the letter Ayin (eye of God), manifests itself in the world as a god and the maintenance of harmony in all the workings of nature. Combining a clear Matot Massei and equating the achievement of a journey towards the World Cup finals, the culmination of the "journey" from the many "tribes" to their final destination. Is Messi, who will win the trip? Diego Maradona, Argentina's coach, called Messi as his successor by giving him No. 10, the number coveted by any national team player ..
"He took me to the edge of the pitch during a training and said he had decided that I should be people who take it," Messi later recall. "To me that's great, considering all the history that has been associated with that number."

The parallels between the two men did not stop there.
Maradona scored many goals, including two that stand out, against England, at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. (Maradona visited Israel and prayed at the Western Wall before the tournament, and did so again before the tournament in 1990, where he lost in the finals). The second was in 1986, with the goal "Hand of God" it is very famous.

Messi results grid is also almost the same as Maradona, whose two goals were almost identical. If you leave the name in Hebrew Messi, can also be read as an abbreviated form of Mispar Jude - Jude 10 Number 10 is the letter of the Hebrew alphabet and has a numeric value of 10 or in Gematria (numerology Kabbalistic ) and in daily life. tenth grade, for example, in Hebrew, we Jude. The letter refers to Jude Yad Kabbalah, which means "hand".

Is the number 10, in the jersey worn by both Maradona and Messi, just a coincidence? In Judaism, the number 10 associated with the Ten Commandments given at Mount Sinai. Actually, the Torah states: "The tenth shall be holy for us (the Jews)." That Jude, the smallest of the 22 letters, is "little that holds a lot." Given the physical size of Maradona and Messi are small, and their great soccer skills, association with Jude is very appropriate, indeed.

This brings us to another legendary number 10.

In other words in Hebrew which is very popular is Pele. Pele, of course, is a Brazilian footballer who played brilliantly 1956-1977; the best players of his generation. Pele has also carried the number 10.

In Sepher Yetzira, The Book of Creation, called the letter Hebrew letters of 22 years as a foundation. According to Kabbalah, the world was created by the energy of these letters.

The fact that on Tuesday, June 22, Messi will play the last game Dala age 22, playing for Argentina against Greece in the field with 22 players, to make Jews feel that they should consider more closely the strength and energy of 22 Hebrew letters in context.

Messi"s parents were born in Argentina, but was of Italian origin. Angelo Messi arrived in Argentina in 1887 in Ancona, Italy. Messi birds name in Italian. According to the Hebrew calendar, the Cup final will take place on Rosh Chodesh, the first day of Av

Coat of Av months, according to Kabbalah Zodiac and associated with the lion (Leo). Lionel Messi's first name (Leo) is a fine example of a mixture of two languages: el means Lion Lion of God, as Ari-el in Hebrew. Another advantage of Lionel is a small lion.

Celebrating the new moon is the first commandment given to Israel in the wilderness.
The Ten Commandments, which each contain 613 commands.

Lionel Messi, the little lion with a great roar, is number 10 on the back, not the Messiah Messi, but Messi's messenger, a man with a Jewish message of God. World Cup final will take place on Rosh Chodesh Av, can be regarded as a reminder to the Jews by God.

All this happened in the World Cup, exactly the same as existing lines in the Kabalah; reminder that the World Cup is a wonderful festival of different nations, languages and different cultures, for one purpose.


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  5. The origin of the surname "Messi" is that of Aramean. It is highly likely that Lionel Messi is actually Syriac Aramean.

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