13 December 2010

The Benefits of Smoking

1. Passive smoking is more dangerous than active smoking, so to minimize the risk of active smoking.
2. Refrain from evil as never discovered who kill, steal and fight while smoking.
3. Reduce the risk of death, the news hasn't been found of people who died in a smoking position.
4. Doing good deeds, if there are people who want to borrow a lighter .. "Lent it" ..
5. Nature can add ambience to the room air conditioned with smoke, so it seems hazy.
6. Fragrant odor of the room smell perfume allergies.

7. Patience to train and increase the unyielding spirit of the people who lost for just starting to smoke is not easy, coughing and gagging but still continue (for a pass).

8. For health indicators, usually those who are sick would prohibit smoking. So, that smoking is definitely a healthy person.
9. Added pleasure: in the evening drinking coffee and eating fried banana nice. especially when combined with smoking! 

10. Sign if it was already morning, we will surely hear the chickens "smoking".

11. Anti-thief, a strong voice for smokers who cough at night and can effectively drive the criminals.

12. In lieu of punching the paper when emergency

13. Other facts ... about 30% of the smokers died. 70% of his non-smokers ..! So get into the smoke for the 30%.


  1. bahahahaha.this is cool fact bro.^_^ patot di share kat facebook aku.^_^

  2. Selain bau asap rokok boleh ganti wangian perfume :-)

  3. nice positive info for heavy smoker...